An effective team planning tool, specifically designed for ConnectWise users

Don’t leave any players on your bench!

Team planning solution for managers using 

Team Planning Solution ConnectWise
Designed by ConnectWise users for ConnectWise users. The ClearBench® platform is an easy-to-use cloud solution that improves team productivity and efficiency in small and large businesses alike.
Monitor Team Capacity ConnectWise

Monitor your team’s capacity and deliver more

Scheduling each team member’s available time lets you get the most out of every hour.

And thanks to seamless integration and two-way synchronization with ConnectWise you can monitor your team’s capacity in real time to optimize profitability.

100% productive

Can take on more tasks

Requires new assignments

Empty your bench wisely

Plan, organize and keep track of all projected hours with customized views and reports.

Service tickets and projects tickets

Assign team members to tasks with just one click and they will be notified immediately.

Keep track of your team’s comings and goings

Know your employees’ availability and where they are – whether outsourced to a client, working remotely, or on vacation.

Assign members to tasks on project tickets ConnectWise

Are you using ConnectWise?

Take advantage of the 20 automatically synchronized data sources from ConnectWise to help you assign resources to all of your projects with ease.

Stay focused and stay in sync!

Easy onboarding, fast adoption

Connect the ClearBench® app to ConnectWise in just a few clicks and get an instant view of all of your resources, projects, clients … and more! 

Hosted on Microsoft 

ConnectWise add-on for ConnectWise
Agile Planning ConnectWise

Agile Planning

The notification alert advises users instantly – anytime, anywhere. Has there been a change of plans? No problem and not a moment wasted!

Allocate your resources wisely

Stop guessing, and start planning!

Be ready when opportunity knocks! Assess your team's capacity swiftly when a new project comes in.

Assign the correct number of people to each project, based on the level of experience and aim for a realistic delivery date. Most of all, know when to hire before it's too late.

Data-Driven Decisions

Get the most out of your data to make accurate decisions faster!

Customize your interface to make what is important to you stand out. Use the multiple filter options to get the precise insight you need from your reports.

Optimize Performance

Easily compare what was planned with what the actual performance was.

Optimize Performance Management Tools

Ready to clear your bench?

Managing Remotely

Managing remotely?

Keep control from wherever you are. Forecast your human resource needs and stay on top of your game at all times.

As a team manager, time is important to you. Avoid shortfalls, schedule delays and budget overruns with ClearBench services, which were designed specifically to meet your needs.

Workspace Management

Provide a COVID-19-safe workplace for your team 

Manage your floor plan to control capacity and social distancing. With this simple, yet effective feature, you'll be able to get a clear view of who is working where and when. It’s perfect for contact tracing history.

We know that safety is a priority for you. Have your team members complete a health screening questionnaire before they go to the office. It’s in important step in making safety measures top of mind to help combat the spread of infection.

Workspace Management 2020

More functionalities

Rely on accurate, updated data

Rely on accurate, updated data

Master your production schedule

Master your production schedule

Multi-assignments and multi-projects

Multi-assignments and multi-projects

Keep track of comings and goings

Keep track of comings and goings

Remote work management  and reports

Remote work management and reports

Unlimited resources,  projects, and clients

Unlimited resources, projects, and clients

Holiday and vacation planning

Holiday and vacation planning

Flexible planning solution for all business sizes

Flexible planning solution for all business sizes

Assignment notifications  and weekly schedules

Assignment notifications and weekly schedules

Safe workspace planning

Safe workspace planning

Multi-location friendly

Multi-location friendly

And much more

And much more

Ready to clear your bench?

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