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Yes, ClearBench includes a way to log in with your MS 365 accounts. If you don’t have MS 365, you can log in to ClearBench using a username and password.

Yes, every day there is an automatic sync with ConnectWise to update all the data from the various tables (Resources, Projects, Companies, Work types) in ClearBench. If necessary, you can manually sync all the tables or only the ones you want.

Yes, in the global calendar, you can see your team’s capacity and can customize the number of weeks (1 to 3) you want to display to view employee planning.

Yes, you can assign several projects to each employee. For each assignment you make, you set the start and end date, the quantity of time (% or hour), indicate whether the employee will be on the client’s premises, and many other options.

Yes, you can assign projects, opportunities, service tickets (as well as holidays, unpaid leave, statutory holidays, and other human resources data) to employees. All of these assignments will come either from your data in ConnectWise or you can create them manually in ClearBench. You can colour-code each type of assignment in your global calendar.

Yes, in the global calendar, you have access to several filters to customize the display of your planning data and to refine information searches (by resource, department, role, location, capacity). You also have display options that enable you to see the days when a person is teleworking or on call and validate whether the number of hours assigned to a resource per day is in line with their daily capacity.

In the My Calendar section, each employee can view their assignments for the next 4 weeks. In addition, every Monday, they will receive an email summary of that week’s assignments.

Yes, in the Report section, you can choose various types of reports and extract the data related to your employees’ assignments. These data can be extracted in Excel format to facilitate their manipulation.

Yes, in the Capacity column, you can see the number of hours assigned to each employee versus the number of available hours defined in ConnectWise. A colour code (green, yellow, red), indicates the status of their capacity.

No, this is an app for which you pay a monthly fee based on the number of users. The app is available online, so there is no need to install it locally on your workstation.

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