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Remote Work

Remote Work

Managing your remote workforce wisely

The ClearBench® app is an easy-to-use cloud solution that helps you forecast your team’s capacity from anywhere, on any device.

Multiple users can simultaneously access the platform to schedule team members in real-time and change assignments on the go. People will receive instant notification, no matter where they are – outsourced to a client, working remotely, or elsewhere.

Managing remote workforce wisely
Seamless integration with ConnectWise

Are you a ConnectWise user?

Thanks to seamless integration with ConnectWise, ClearBench® services are automatically synchronized, ensuring accurate data at all times. Stay on top of things by efficiently optimizing your resources, which you can even do remotely.

Advantages for remote work

  • Flexible cloud solution
  • Accessible anywhere, on any device
  • Real-time data
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple users, simultaneously
  • Assignment on the go
  • Instant assignment change notification
  • Schedules emailed weekly
  • Performance assessment at a glance
  • Keeps track of comings and goings
  • ConnectWise two-way synchronization 

Ready to clear your bench?

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